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Finishing Chemicals

» ABROSOFT-CP Cost effective cationic softener   Cationic
» ABROSOFT-OC Cationic softener with min yellowing   Cationic
» ABROSOFT-CWS Cationic softener in flakes form Cold water soluble   Cationic
» ABRSOFT-REDIKO Its Blend with Micro-Macro Silicon Base softener for Bouncy Hand feel   Cationic
  ABH Biochem gets Quality Brand India award
ABH Biochem was recently honoured with the very prestigious Quality Brand India - 2012 - 2016 award. The award honoured and feliciated Biochem...
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» ABROSOFT HWS Non-ionic softener in flakes form hot water soluble and also non-yellowing   Non-ionic
» ABROSOFT-NIS A non-yellowing softener for good surface smoothness and bulkiness   Non-ionic
» ABROSOFT-XHP Versatile reactive softener imparting excellent surface softness with bulk   Cationic
» ABROSOFT-AOSF Non yellowing softener and protective agent against ozone fading for Denim articles and to protect indigo-dyed goods against ozone fading.   Cationic
» ABROSIL SFW Hydrophilic ,Non-yellowing softener   Non-ionic
» ABROSIL-HSS Shear Stable hydrophilic, non-yellowing silicone softner   Non-ionic
» ABROSIL-HST Conc. shear Stable hydrophilic, non-yellowing silicone softner   Non-ionic
» ABROSIL-4777 Silicone softener composed of amino modified polysiloxane imparts excellent lubrication and smoothness. It increases tensile resilience, gives springly elastic handle and a unique softness on various fabrics.   Non-ionic
» ABROSIL SEW It is highly effective non-yellowing high performance micro emulsion for permanent finish on all types of fibres   Non-ionic
» ABROSIL-2091 It is a non-yellowing quaternary fatty amide that is suitable for application as a hand modifier on cotton fabrics and yarns.   Slightly cationic
» ABROSIL- SNY Its Non-Yellowing Silicon Softener for full, soft silky hand coupled with excellent surface smoothness   Non-Ionic
» ABROSIL- SNP Modified emulsion of multi-function silicon. It provides superior elastomeric, soft & smooth touch to fabric   Non-Ionic
» ABROSIL- WA It is nonionic macro emulsion of reactive amino modified silicone fluid. It imparts very soft, smooth and elastic handle on woven and knitted fabrics   Non-Ionic
» ABROSIL- WA Is low foaming speciality softening agent which imparts a very supple, soft feel and lubricity to cellulosics and synthetics along with good hydrophilicity.   Non-Ionic
» ABROSIL- SM It is nonionic macro emulsion of organo modified polysiloxane containing ultra low levels of surfactants   Non-Ionic
» ABROSIL- P80 High concentrated effective silicone softener to produce water clear softener micro emulsion   Non-Ionic
» ABROSIL-RUC High conc. micro emulsion imparts soft, silky smooth handle on all types of fabrics   Non-Ionic
» ABROSI L- DIQ Highly effective & economical softener for permanent finishingeffects on all types of fabircs   Slightly Cationic
» ABROSIL -MS4080 Amino Modified silicon based on Micro Emulsion Technology. It impart excellent hand feel as well as sewability, tear strength and crease recovery   Non-Ionic
» ABROSIL-BT4081 It is a speciality polysiloxane maco-emulsion designed for application on synthetics, cotton,   Non-Ionic
» ABROSIL-EM4082 Emulsion of multi-functional elastomeric silicone, provides superior elastomeric. Very soft and smooth touch to fabrics   Non-Ionic
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