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Textile Chemical Product - ABH Biochem Pvt Ltd

  One of the leading Textiles chemicals manufacturer ABH Biochem Pvt Ltd is above competition when it comes to specialty chemical manufacturers in India. We are the leading Silicon Softener Manufacturers and Textile Enzymes Manufacturers. These are best in class, and we are among the most technically superior textile chemicals manufacturers India.
  ABH Biochem gets Quality Brand India award
ABH Biochem was recently honoured with the very prestigious Quality Brand India - 2012 - 2016 award. The award honoured and feliciated Biochem...
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Dyeing Auxiliaries
We are offering dyeing auxiliries like levelling & Dispering Agents, pH Buffers, Retarders, Carriers, Dyebath Lubricants, Defoamers, Sequestrants
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Fninishing Chemicals
We are offering finishing chemicals like Micro Silicon Softeners, Semi-Micro Silicon Softeners, Macro-Animo Silicon Softners, Cationic, Nonionic & Amphoteric Softeners.
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Pretreatment Chemicals
We are offering pre-treatment chemicals like Desizing, Scouring, Wetting, Bleaching and Mercerizing Agents.
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Priting Chemicals
We are offering printing chemicals like Acrylic Binders, Thickners & Khadi etc.
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Enzymes Chemicals
We provide Complete range of Textile enzymes like Alpha Amylases (Desizer) , Acid cellulases Enzymes (Bio-Polishing,Fading Enzymes )and Catalase for various textile wet-processing applications like desizing, bio-polishing, denim finishing, bleach clean-up, bio-scouring etc.
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